Why Should Your Small Business Host A Webinar Today?

Posted by Samantha Dording on Oct 28, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Living through a pandemic will permanently change life as we know it. Limiting human contact is the objective during this time, but that does not need to halt your small business’ progress. Webinars are a growing phenomenon, given the times we are living through today. Video chats with current customers or potential consumers are key to expanding your business in a very effective manner.

In general, webinars help to bring attention to your brand. If your business decides to host an informational webinar, it is important to not be pushy, and to not make it a clear-cut sales pitch. Rather, your business should take this as an opportunity to promote your mission and purpose. The webinar can be informational and relaxed, but increase exposure at the same time.

An interactive webinar can be very beneficial to your small business as it allows for open communication between employees of your business, and customers themselves. This effectively creates a personal relationship amongst your business and consumers during a time with limited personal contact. The interactivity of this webinar model is key as it gives you insight into your audience’s wants and needs. By including a “Q&A” segment in your webinar, your business is able to tailor your products or services to exactly what customers are seeking.

Webinars also serve as a great way to collect contact information of consumers interested in your products or services. When individuals sign up to attend your small business’ webinar, you can obtain their email addresses which can be repurposed for email blasts and other forms of communication. Furthermore, webinars generate valuable leads of interested consumers, and allow you to stay in touch long-term with these interested individuals.

Finally, webinars are cost-effective. A positive side to limiting contact due to the pandemic is a decrease in having to host physical events. These physical events are costly, as the location has to be rented out, seating and tables need to be purchased, along with technology and smaller accommodations. Webinars typically just require a stable internet connection, a hosting platform, and a working camera and microphone. That way, costs are kept to a minimum, but effectiveness is still at its peak.

As you can see, webinars can be a very useful tool for your small business to increase exposure, especially during the times we are living through right now. Webinars help to increase exposure for your business, allow a more personal connection to form with customers, can help generate leads, and is very cost-effective, all while limiting physical contact. So, reap the benefits today of a webinar for your small business!

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