ckremer50 - Sep 20, 2019

Why are reviews so important and how you can best monitor them!

Think about the last time you were looking to purchase a product. It is unlikely that you bought the first item that you saw. Instead, you likely did some online research, asked your friends and family their opinions, compared your options, and lastly- consulted online reviews. According to statistics, 99% of online shoppers read reviews before making a purchase. This makes sense because no matter how much research you do, it is impossible to know what a product will be exactly like. By consulting reviews, consumers can ensure that the product they are purchasing meets their standards. That being said, just one horrible review can prevent someone from purchasing a product all together. Because of this, it is crucial that businesses not only promote customer reviews, but monitor them in order to ensure that their products are not negatively represented.


Not convinced that reviews are important yet? Positive reviews on websites are proven to increase sales overall. It should not come as a surprise that people are more likely to purchase from businesses with good reviews over businesses with negative reviews or no reviews at all. However, did you know that people are more likely to purchase goods that are more expensive than their competitors if the reviews are significantly better? In other words, positive reviews can help you to beat out your competitors in terms of sales. In addition to competition, reviews can improve your brand reputation and customer loyalty. If shoppers see that your business’s customers are satisfied with your services again and again, they are likely to feel more confident making a purchase or recommending you to a friend. Lastly, reviews can help businesses to improve! If a business is seeing a lot of complaints regarding their products or service, they are likely to make changes to improve these issues. Reviews can act as a constructive tool to make businesses aware of issues that they may have not noticed otherwise.


Now that you know why reviews are important, here is how you can monitor them! It is SO important that businesses respond to reviews in a timely manner. But quick responses can be tricky. We recommend having a set of prewritten responses that can be used interchangeably. In your responses, make sure to thank the customer for leaving a review and state that you value their business. Customers will appreciate your gratitude and will be more likely to leave a review in the future.

Additionally, many businesses are under the impression that they should only respond to negative reviews. This is not true! Although responding to negative reviews is arguably more important, responding to positive reviews is a great way to show your appreciation and build customer loyalty. But that being said, respond to negative reviews first in order to remedy the issue, and limit the amount of damage done. In your response, apologize for the inconvenience and ask the customer to contact you. Stress the fact that this was not your intention, and it will not happen again. After the issue is addressed, take down the review or ask the reviewer to edit their review to reflect the remedying process. This will help to mitigate the damages caused by the review. It is important to remedy the problem instead of just deleting the response because customers who had a bad experience are more likely to return if they feel as if the matter was taken care of appropriately.


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Why are reviews so important and how you can best monitor them!

Written by ckremer50