Nikki Adrian - Jul 21, 2020

What is Social Listening and Why is it important for your Business?

Social listening is the process of monitoring your brand’s social media channels for any customer feedback and direct mentions of your brand, as well as discussions regarding certain keywords, phrases, or queries. Not only can you monitor these mentions on social media, but also on news websites, blogs, forums, and the rest of the web. Once you collect this data, there are so many ways you can use it to gain insights on your customers, the market, and your competition. Here are just a few of those uses!

  • Reputation management
    This is one of the most common reasons companies use social listening. Businesses can monitor when their brand name is mentioned on social media or the web, whether it be positive or negative. Consumers expect brands to answer quickly, so without social listening, these mentions may go unnoticed, potentially costing your business a poor reputation when it comes to customer service. So, by becoming aware of these mentions, companies can prevent reputation crises and can satisfy these unhappy customers.
  • Competitor analysis
    You can also use social listening to track what is being said about your competitors. It is a great way to benchmark their metrics against your own. By learning about what your competitors’ customers like or dislike about their products or services, you can understand what your customers want so that you can improve your own. 
  • Product Feedback
    When you track what your customers are saying about your products online, you can learn about how they react to product changes, what they like about your product, and what they think could be better about it. This will also allow you to learn more about your audience. When you can speak their language, you are better able to enhance your messaging so that it resonates more with them.
  • Influencer marketing
    Social media monitoring tools can show you the reach of your brand mentions. With this information, you can find out who your most influential brand advocates are. So, if you are looking for influencers to potentially partner with, you can easily find them with social listening!

As you can see, social listening has numerous benefits. If you’re looking for something to really push your business over the edge, this tool is it. It is a continuous learning process, but once you start understanding it, you will see that your customers are happier, which is of course, a very important end goal!

Written by Nikki Adrian