Nikki Adrian - Mar 27, 2020

Surviving Uncertain Times: Connect Connect Connect on Social Media!

One of the most important things your business should be doing during this time is maintaining connections with your audience on social media platforms! Even though things are not “business as usual” right now, there are still ways that you can keep your audience engaged and show them that you care.

  • If you’re a restaurant- Show your chefs in the kitchen, share a fun easy-to-make home recipe, or post a picture of a customer picking up take-out (just make sure to emphasize social distancing)!

  • If you’re an insurance agent, real estate agent, or mortgage broker- Offer helpful tips or advice related to your industry that your customers or followers can benefit from.

  • If you’re a spa or in the beauty industry- Showcase some treatments, recipes, or anti-stress techniques that your followers can do at home. Offering these simple tips while people are stuck at home can really bring joy and value to their day.

  • If you’re a gym or personal trainer- Go live everyday with a workout routine, and promote it live to get your followers to do it with you. Without the gym, people want to see ways they can work out at home and get their blood pumping. 

  • If you’re a bar- Since many bars have been shut down and you’re no longer serving drinks directly to your customers, you could host a live happy hour on Facebook or with a Zoom meeting. You can show customers how to make a special drink to enjoy at home while still being around others (kind of).

To do any of these activities, you can go live on Facebook, start an IGTV series, or just stick to regular posts. Whatever method you choose, your customers will appreciate you reaching out and making an effort to help.


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Written by Nikki Adrian