Is Your Website Optimized for 2021?

Posted by Alex Carter on Jul 15, 2021 12:11:37 PM

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When was the last time you updated your website?


Websites have really evolved over the years.

It used to be that your website was strictly informational.

Now, your website can essentially become your own salesperson and customer service rep all in one.

Your website can actually interact with visitors in a dynamic way that funnels them to becoming a customer.

How do you do this?


Website Audit

Website Audit

First, you need to do an audit of your site.

You need to see from a technical standpoint what may be holding you back from being found online.

Things like your site speed, whether certain pages have a low word count, how many backlinks you have generated, among other points of emphasis may be contributing to a low SEO score and prevent you from reaching your potential in being discovered online.

We can help conduct an audit of your site completely free.

All you have to do is click the link here and request a free site audit.

Next, let's take a look at some of the tools your website should have to make a great impression on your visitors and convert more customers.



Chatbot (1)

A well-thought out chatbot can have a really positive impact on your conversion rate.

This is different from a live chat widget.

What's the difference?

A live chat widget implies that the website visitor will be connected to a live person.

I don't know about you, but when I have a simple question I hate having to be connected to a live person because I know I'm going to get a sales pitch.

What should be a quick 1 minute answer turns into 15 minutes of wasted time.

A chatbot gives the visitor the option of being connected with a live person or interacting with a bot.

However, even though they may not be chatting with a live person you can set up the questions and answers in a way that not only gives your website visitor the information they are looking for, but also providing multiple opportunities for them to become a customer.

Think of the most common questions you receive when talking about your products or services in-person.

Most likely, it will have something to do with getting more information on specific products or services, pricing, and a few other questions depending on your industry.

A chatbot allows you to set up a decision tree to answer those questions complete with automation while providing additional follow-up information that will make your website visitor comfortable with becoming a customer. .

The other great thing about a chatbot is you can typically set it so that it will automatically pop up after a visitor spends a certain amount of time on your website or visits a particular page.

Being proactive can get even more people to engage with your chatbot.



Blog (2)

Does your website have a blog?

The more time people spend on your website the better.

It's an indication that your content is interesting.

A blog is the perfect way to show your potential customers you are knowledgeable in your field and keep them coming back.

Blogs can also be a powerful SEO tool if executed properly.

Select topics that you believe will be interesting to your audience and also have low competition for the first page of Google but a decent amount of search volume.


How to Optimize Your Blog

Blog Optimization

The biggest mistake people make with their blog is selecting topics that are nearly impossible to reach the front page of Google for.

You will need to invest in a program that will help you with blog research.

Simply Google "Blog research tool" to see a couple different options.

Most of them work the same.

You can put in keyword ideas and the program will give you how many monthly searches there are for that particular topic and how competitive that topic is.

Most of them also give you variations of your keywords to help you discover similar searches that might have a better opportunity to rank on the 1st page.

Let's face it, we aren't going to rank on the 1st page of Google for "social media marketing."

The companies that rank for that phrase spend a lot of money and resources to do so.

It would be a waste of time to try.

However, we could potentially rank for "social media marketing plan" where we do an in-depth blog post on how to develop a complete social media marketing plan from start to finish.

You would have to figure the people who are searching for "social media marketing plan" are looking for social media marketing help.

The trick is to find keywords with enough monthly search volume to make it worth your while, and also, having somewhat low competition.

Once you have your keywords and your topic ready to go you can start the writing process.

Most blogging platforms have built-in SEO optimization tips where they will walk you through in making sure your blog is optimized before it is published.



Appointment Scheduler / e-Commerce


What is your ultimate goal?

Do you have products you could be selling online?

Are you a service based business and looking to book appointments?

Your website should have the tools to meet your goals.

Appointment schedulers are a must if you are a service based business.

Make it really convenient for your potential customers to book a time that works for them.

If you have products that you could be selling online you should have e-commerce enabled on your site.

If you can be selling products online, you should. 

Let's face it. 

Everyone is selective with their time more than ever.

Convenience is king.

If you are forcing people to visit your store in-person, you are missing out on some serious potential.



Free Downloads

free download

This only works if what you are giving away is valuable.

Too often, I see the same pitch for a "free quote" or a "free estimate."

The truth is, those things aren't exciting.

It is also very common for multiple businesses in the same industry to all be giving free quotes or free estimates which make it not-so-special.

Give something away that is really going to be helpful.

For example, we give away free marketing guides, infographics with marketing ideas and a whole host of other downloads.

The goal is to build trust with your potential customers and make sure they are getting value.

If your potential customer trusts you, feels you have given them good value, they are much more likely to become a customer. 



Copy of Copy of Copy of Blog Optimization

Video can substantially improve conversion rates on your website.

It is a way to speak directly to your potential customers.

Whether it is a promotional video, how-to video, educational video, or even just a fun look behind the scenes of your business, people love video.

Video can also have a positive impact on your SEO to help you get found more online.

Check out these fun whiteboard videos which we can customize for your business.



Ok, how many of these things have you done / do you currently have on your website?

1) Have you done a website audit to check your SEO score?

2) Do you have a chatbot?

3) Do you have a blog that is updated regularly and optimized for SEO?

4) Do you have an appointment scheduler or e-commerce enabled?

5) Do you offer free downloads?

6) Do you have a video on the home page?



If you are missing a lot of the things I mentioned above it might be time to update your website.

Remember, your site can be much more than just a place for information.

It can be a sales rep and a customer service rep all in one.

If you need help updating your website with any of the things mentioned above feel free to reach out and we will be happy to assist.

Click the link here to email us your website, what you are looking to do in terms of updates and we will be happy to send you pricing and answer any questions.


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