ckremer50 - Sep 4, 2019

How to Improve Your Social Media Captions

Did you know that social media users are more likely to like or comment on a post if it has a “good” caption? What even defines a “good” caption though? Here are some tips to increase your social media game by improving your captions!

Encourage conversation by asking questions

This is a great way to get followers engaged! Try asking a question such as, “How did YOU spend your weekend?” to interact with customers and make them feel like they are valued!


Include a Call to Action

Adding a link to your website, blog, or YouTube channel can be a great way for followers to learn more about your products. If the link is in the bio or post, followers are more likely to actually visit the page because they won’t have to search for it. For example, “Want to learn more about our services?? Check out our website- link in bio!”

Tell a story or include humor

Keep it interesting! In order to maximize follower engagement, make sure to keep a balance between promotions and interesting content. No social media user wants to follow an account in which all of the posts are advertisements. Keep your followers interested by switching it up!


Consider length

No follower wants to have to scroll to read a caption. But you also don’t want to leave a follower wondering about something because your caption was so short. Try to find a happy medium- include everything that you need to say, but use concise language!

Use hashtags

Hashtags are a highly underrated feature! Hashtags help users to find your account by simply just searching what they are interested in. Try including engaging hashtags in your caption and see how much your traffic increases!


Try using these tips to improve your social media captions! Need any more help?? Check out our products!!

Written by ckremer50