5 Tips for Holiday Marketing

Posted by Nikki Adrian on Dec 9, 2020 6:00:00 PM

With the holidays right around the corner, there are ample opportunities for businesses to market their goods and services to holiday shoppers, especially those looking for last-minute gifts. From online to in-store, here are five ways you can promote your goods and services to these holiday shoppers, and increase sales! 

  • Promote Gift Cards
    If you sell store gift cards, the holiday season is the perfect time to start promoting them even more! Not only are they the perfect last-minute gift, but they are also highly-demanded by people everywhere! Promoting them on social media as potential gift ideas will bring them to the forefront of people’s minds, and encourage them to make that purchase from you!
  • Think Mobile
    If you’ve used mobile marketing with SMS text messaging to promote your products or services, you know it is a great tool for increasing conversion rates. Especially for those last-minute shoppers, sending messages about special offers, gift ideas, or other promotions can definitely motivate shoppers to come into your store or order online, just in time for the holiday gift season.
  • Check Up on Your Local Search Listings
    On the topic of last-minute shoppers, it is very common for some people to conduct an online search using the term “near me” to find those last few gifts that they don’t want to travel far to find. Because location matters to these shoppers, it is important to make sure that your business listings are up-to-date on local search directories! These listings really do pay off, as most people look for convenience when shopping for those last-minute gifts. If you can offer what these shoppers are looking for, they are definitely more likely to visit your store!
  • Show your Spirit on Social Media!
    There is a lot you can do on social media during the holiday season to promote your products and services or spread holiday cheer. One way you can use your platform is to share gift ideas with your followers who are stuck not knowing what to get their friends and family. Posting images of your products along with any sales that you may have going on will encourage people to visit your website or come into your store to take advantage of the sales. Even simply posting something to get followers in the holiday spirit can benefit your brand, as it puts people in the shopping mood and helps spread joy to your users!
  • Sell Last-Minute Shopping Gifts
    Have you ever looked at the calendar, and then suddenly realized that the holidays were right around the corner, but were still gift-less? Don’t worry, a lot of us have been there. Luckily, as a business, you can use this consumer behavior to your advantage! One way you can help out last-minute shoppers is by providing gift packs of bundled products for different groups of people, like gifts specifically for moms or teachers. By displaying these gift packs in your store, the buying experience becomes much more pleasant for your customers. Additionally, this is another source for content on your social media channels, and is likely to encourage consumers to come in and check out your gift selection!

These are just a few examples of ways you can promote your goods and services this holiday season. If you’re looking to boost your sales, or just spread joy and kindness this holiday, try out some of these tactics! Offering assistance to your customers will always pay off in the long-run, as you are not only helping them, but your business as well. 

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