Caroline Kremer - Aug 7, 2019

4 Reasons Why Your Local Business Listings Should be Accurate

Most customers rely on local business listings to find information on businesses. Whether it be address, store hours, phone number, or even products, the accuracy of business listings can make or break a customer’s trust. Many of us have unfortunately been in scenarios where we relied on a local business listing only to find out that the business is closed or has moved. How frustrating is that! It is hard for a customer to trust a business if they have not even put forth the effort to ensure that all of their information online is accurate. Here are 4 reasons why accurate information is important for customers! 


1. Missing or Inaccurate Hours of Operation 

One of the most important things that customers search for is hours of operation. If the hours of operation are missing, it is likely that a customer would just select the next best business rather than calling or searching elsewhere. Convenience is key, and if the information is missing, you risk losing a customer all together! It’s even worse if the hours of operation are wrong! Imagine taking time out of your busy schedule to drive across town, only to find out that the business is closed on Sundays. Not only is this a waste of time, but it is so frustrating. Instead of waiting until 10am on Monday, this customer is likely to take their business elsewhere. Double checking the accuracy of your hours of operation can save you money and save your customers from a trip across town for nothing!

2. Inaccurate address 

This is the same as hours of operation. If the address is not listed, a customer is more likely to choose another business. And if the address is wrong?? The customer cannot find you at all which means that you are losing business! Even one number off on an address can cause you to lose money, which means that it pays to check that your address is accurate!


3. Information is not compatible with mobile devices 

These days, many people rely on their cell phones in order to search for businesses. Some websites are not compatible with mobile devices and makes viewing information difficult. Make sure that your business’s information is compatible for ALL devices in order to ensure that you are not missing out on any customers! 

4. Website must be accurate 

As useful as local business listings are, many people will choose to also view the website in order to do more research.  If the website is outdated or nonexistent, it will make your business seem less credible. In addition, make sure that the information on the listings and the information on your website matches! Customers don’t want to guess which one has the right information! 


As you can see, accurate information is crucial to building trust with your customers. With inaccurate listings, you risk losing business and gaining a bad reputation. Need any help with your social media marketing? Click here to check out our products. 


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Written by Caroline Kremer