alexcmaxexpo - Jun 22, 2018

The Four Essentials Parts of SEO

There are 4 parts of Search Engine Optimization that are ESSENTIAL to upping-your search engine ranking. While there are hundreds of other tweaks you could make to your SEO programming, these are the basic four parts of SEO programming that you NEED to focus on.

1. The SEO Title

SEO title specifies the title of the webpage when searching on a search engine. Many might recognize the SEO title as the headline that you click when you find a webpage that is pertinent to your search. When creating an SEO title, include the topic of the page as well as the business that is associated with the page. For example, this page is about Bananas, and the business involved with the article, is Wikipedia.

2. The Metadata tag

The metadata tag is the little description that appears under the SEO title. The purpose of the metadata tag is to provide a description to search engine users so that they can find the result that most suits their needs. In this example, it is made clear that this link is for educational purposes and you can find facts about bananas on this page rather than banana recipes or clothing with bananas on them.

3. The Slug

The slug is the HTTP/URL address that appears above the metadata tag but below the SEO title. You can customize the slug so that it uses specific words that relate to your topic. In this example, Wikipedia uses “/Banana” to make it optimize searches for “banana” so that their result will appear closer to the top of the results list.

4. The Focus Keyword

The focus keyword is the word that is recognized the most of the page that you are optimizing. By programming the Focus Keyword into the article, you are more likely to have your result appear at the top of the results list because it proves that your page is very relevant to the search. In this example, you can see that the “Banana - Wikipedia” result mentioned earlier is second on the results list, proving that the keyword “banana” is very relevant to those searching to learn more about types of bananas.

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